Economic Outlook 2023: CEOs & CFOs Roundtable

As part of the activities at the beginning of the year, within the framework of the Audit and Finance Working Group, we organized a breakfast on “Economic and Political Perspectives 2023 with presentations by Actinver in which the CEOs and CFOs of Swiss companies affiliated to the Chamber participated.

We were welcomed by Simon Blondin, President of SwissCham Mexico, as well as Emilia Pfeiffer, Director General, and the Ambassador of Switzerland in Mexico, Pietro Piffaretti.

In the first part of the session, Gabriela Escárcega, representative of SICPA, shared an update on the Audit and Finance Committee, which brings together the CFOs of the companies on a quarterly basis, and also thanked the companies for their participation. Subsequently, Luis Jimenez, Coordinator of the Tax Subcommittee, shared a brief overview of current issues of interest to the Committee and the companies.

The event also included the participation of Ramón De La Rosa, Deputy Director of Economic Analysis at Actinver, who shared an overview of the effects of the pandemic on the economic cycle, the readjustment of reference rates and inflation, and the opportunity that nearshoring represents for Mexico.

During the second presentation, we had the pleasure of having Armando Ríos Piter, former Senator of the Republic and economist, who shared in a timely manner the progress and challenges in terms of education, security and projects in Mexico.

Finally, the event concluded with an exchange of dialogue between the CEOs & CFOs, in which they gave their comments on the economic and investment scenario they foresee for each of the sectors.