Working Groups

The Working Groups gather executives of Swiss companies every three months from different sectors to share good practices, exchange contacts and present the challenges that Swiss companies face in Mexico.

Working Group on Human Resources and Dual Education.

Human Resources Directors discuss labor issues such as the labor reform in Mexico, working rights and labor conditions, hiring and talent retention, outsourcing, professionalisation, equal pay and inclusion, youth programas, and dual education.

Working Group on Audit and Finance.

Chief Financial Offices (CFOs) discuss economic and financial issues, macroeconomic indicators, growth and investment perspectives. The group manages the Specialized Working Group on Tax Issues with the purpose of dealing with some of fiscal and tributary issues more thoroughly.

Specialized Working Group on Tax Issues.

This group gathers tax experts from Swiss companies in order to discuss the challenges and opportunities in fiscal issues. Tax miscellaneous issues are discussed, good practices and contacts are shared between companies, and representatives participate in the PRODECON (Taxpayer Ministry) events.

Working Group on Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics.

CSR and Communication Directors share values, good practices, projects, and programs in regard to contributions to the social, economic, cultural, and environmental improvement in Mexico. It also addresses topics related to the 2030 Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, and the Consortium for the Well-being of Mexico.

Working Group on International Trade.

Commercial/Logistics Directors discuss topics such as trade policies, logistics, exports and imports, customs operation, government regulations and free trade agreements such as the FTA between Mexico and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA): Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

Working Group on Energy and Sustainability.

Company representatives share best practices in energy issues, promote sustainability through the most advanced technologies to achieve energy efficiency, including the use of renewable energies, and the application of environmental standards. It also promotes the dialogue with key stakeholders from the energy and environmental sectors.

Working Group on Legal Issues and Intellectual Property.

Legal Directors address topics such as economic competition, data privacy and protection, counterfeit and piracy, government regulations, as well as ethics, anticorruption and transparency. It also promotes and defends intellectual property systems incentivising investment in innovation.

Working Group on Health and Innovation.

Business executives discuss concrete proposals based on best practices and information with scientific rigor helping to improve the health and R&D system in Mexico. It also serves as a means to influence Mexico’s public policy, as well as to defend the interests of the Chamber on health related issues.

Working Group on Security.

Corporate Security Directors discuss experiences and good practices in the subject of Corporate Security, as well as to protect the companies from risk situations, and foster security through technologies and advanced systems. Also, it seeks to influence public policies in the area of security and to share contacts between member companies.

Working Group on Regulatory Affairs.

Its main goal is to share best practices and challenges that Swiss companies face in the regulatory and sanitary sectors, as well as to develop a relationship with regulatory and sanitary authorities in Mexico.

  • Challenges of Swiss companies in regulatory and sanitary areas in Mexico.
  • Regulations and legislation.

Working Group on Manufacturing and Production 4.0

Production directors and plant managers discuss and share challenges and solutions for the manufacturing sector. In addition, it addresses Industry 4.0 and innovation issues to make plant management more efficient.