Dual Education


One of the objectives of SwissCham Mexico is to promote the implementation of the dual vocational education training in Swiss companies in Mexico.

The implementation of the vocational education training (VET) in Mexico brings great benefits for different stakeholders. The advantages of the Swiss dual vocational education training are the following:

For companies:

  • Highly effective qualified personnel according to the needs of the company.
  • Increase in quality and productivity.
  • Cost reduction, training time and dropout rate.
  • Systematic development of the workforce and improvement in the certification of personnel.
  • The productive performance of students during their learning exceeds the net cost of their training.
  • Reducing risk of employing wrong people.

For society:

  • Allows for a public-private association.
  • Fosters an early social integration of young people.
  • Promotes high quality in the formation by standardization.
  • Empowers civil society.
  • Generates income for young people.
  • Helps to have high employability and low levels of unemployment.
  • Contributes to the development of soft-skills.

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