Mexico Nearshoring Report 2022

This report elaborated by the SwissCham aims to provide an overview of the concept of nearshoring and portray the advantages of nearshoring for Swiss companies in Mexico. Due to several factors like the COVID-19 pandemic, increases in sea freight and long waiting times in international transportation, manufacturing companies have opted to relocate their value chains, facilitate integration of supply chains, and concentrate production in destinations close to final consumption.

Switzerland – Latin America Economic Relations Report 22

The Switzerland – Latin America Economic Relations Report 2022 was prepared by the Americas Unit of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

Swiss Population Votes on an Initiative to Create Greater Corporate Social Responsibility for Swiss Companies Abroad

For almost a year, orange flags hanged and waived on façades and balconies of houses in Switzerland. The strong message written in large white letters —alongside two hands carefully holding a globe— says Konzernverantwortungsinitiative: Ja! (Initiative for Greater Corporate Responsibility: Yes!). This initiative was launched three years ago by important Swiss NGOs and now it will be voted on November 29th to decide whether or not to include a legal aspect that deems translational Swiss companies abroad responsible if they violate human rights or harm the environment. This will be done by holding Swiss companies accountable before Swiss courts, for […]

Report: “A un año de Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro en empresas suizas”

This report has the main goal to present an overview of the program’s implementation after a year of the signing of the Agreement between the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) and the SwissCham Mexico to add more Swiss companies in the promotion of the Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro Program.

Activities of SwissCham Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic

Like the rest of the world, Mexico has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Chamber’s team has been able to adapt to this new reality. Since mid-March, our employees are working from home and face-to-face events have been postponed. We have redesigned the events to webinars, reinvented the way we offer services to our affiliated companies and restructured our projects. All this by intensifying the Chamber’s activities in digital media. Despite being physically estranged, we continue to be even more present in the day-to-day lives of our affiliates, offering support to deal with this crisis. Now, our […]

How intelligent procurement and inventory systems help increase supply chain resilience in times of Corona

For the last thirty years, industrial companies have put a lot of emphasis on operational excellence and taken advantage of globalization to improve their margins and working capital, all the while adding complexity and uncertainty to their supply chains. Today, unpredictable, yet certain to take place, “white swan” events like pandemics, as coined by best- selling author of “The Black Swan,” Nassim Nicholas Taleb, have shown us that alternative or more differentiated supply chain management practices might prevail in the wake of the COVID-19. This raises the questions of whether we have over-emphasized efficiencies within the supply chain at the […]

Press release: Swiss companies form Consortium for Mexico’s Well-being

Swiss companies affiliated to the SwissCham Mexico have formed the “Consortium for Mexico’s Well-being”, an initiative that seeks to promote actions that allow to mitigate the negative economic impact of COVID-19, as well as to support the healthcare sector in Mexico. All of this through a platform that gathers these actions and donations. Prioritizing four pillars: resilience, health, education, and gender and diversity.

Response to COVID-19

This summary presents the results of a survey conduced to Swiss companies in Mexico regarding their strategies to mitigate and contain the transmission of the virus. It also addresses recommendations regarding crisis response and management strategies. Thirdly, it presents good practices of Swiss companies in Mexico. In the fourth section, it shares an analysis of the impact on contracts and other obligations under Mexican law. Finally, an analysis by our affiliates is presented on the potential economic impact that will result from this global health crisis.

Swiss Dual Education and Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro: strategies to combat unemployment in Mexico

In Switzerland, vocational training combines theoretical and practical learning through a specialized Dual Training (Vocational Professional Education and Training) system. The dual system consists of practical training that allows young people to serve as “apprentices” in a company for three or four days a week. This part is complemented by a day or two of theoretical preparation in the classroom, focused on the area of specialization that the student chooses [1]. Switzerland has several decades of experience in applying this model within its education system. Today, there are about 250 different technical career options to be applied according to the […]

Swiss Companies in Mexico and Sustainability

Switzerland is a world-renowned country for the beauty of its landscapes and its commitment to environmental care. The country has nearly 1,500 lakes that represent about 6% of the freshwater reserves in Europe, and about 60% of its land is covered by the Swiss Alps (1). All this great natural wealth has led the Swiss Government to develop a series of exhaustive environmental policies ensuring the nature’s preservation and becoming both, an essential part of the citizens’ lifestyle and a role model for other countries. To mention an example of this environmental policies, we can refer to the air quality […]

Public Consultations: Switzerland as a reference of direct democracy

Public consultations in Switzerland, a country with 144 years of experience in its implementation, offer Swiss citizens the opportunity to actively participate in the country’s political life. This, through three instruments: the popular initiative, the optional referendum, and the mandatory referendum [1]. With the first instrument, citizens can present proposals to modify the law; the second demands that a law has to be submitted to a popular vote; and with the third, each amendment to the constitution is submitted to a vote of the people.   Regarding Mexico, after the recent survey carried out to decide the destination of Mexico […]

Interview for Forbes: Switzerland bets on Mexico regardless of political changes or NAFTA

We invite you to read our President’s interviews for Forbes Mexico: http:// http:// Para continuar viendo la entrevista:  

Intellectual Property in Mexico: key to protect and promote Swiss innovation.

Switzerland has been the world’s most innovative country for 8 consecutive years, according to the Global Innovation Index (GII) published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This trend is based on the premise that richer nations with a more diversified industry and a broad export portfolio, are more likely to obtain a better innovation score[1].   From innovation arises the principle of protecting intellectual or industrial property. Subject in which Mexico is ranked 3rd in Latin America, but 56th  worldwide. However, Mexico has been making efforts to climb the World Innovation Index ranking, such as the actions undertaken by […]

Internationalization of Products Inspired in the Day of the Death

The design of several Swiss products has been inspired in recent times by the Mexican festivity of the Day of the Dead, highlighting the celebration of both life and mortality. The great celebration of the Day of the Dead, the date in which the deceased are honored in Mexico, is one of the most representative traditions of Mexico and dates back to pre-Hispanic times, when the customs of the Spanish conquerors and indigenous people merged. The celebration has been declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. This is one of the festivities that has become international due to […]